Some say she's Cuban, others say she's Canadian. One thing is sure: Marion's music is indeed international and authentic. Marion was born in Montreal, Canada. She started off studying piano at the age of 5, and then classical violin until her teenage years.  She later studied vocal technique with Jennifer Meade at Jam Vocal School and started to work as backup vocalist with Canadian artists such as Anodajay, Wesli,  Auresia and Dubmatique.

  After releasing her debut album  La Pluie Tombe  (indie, 2012),  she left Montreal to go on a new musical journey in Havana, Cuba, where she shared the stage with musicians such as Alexis Bosch, Julito Padrón and José Portillo, and recorded the duet  Un Tiempo Lejos with singer Waldo Mendoza. That life-changing experience gave birth to her second album  Ahora Existo (EGREM, 2018) that she recorded in Cuba with the late Lucía Huergo with all-star Cuban musicians such as Frank Rubio, Roberto García, Keisel Jiménez, Héctor Quintana and Juan Carlos Marín, under the direction of singer and producer Andy Rubal.

  She's currently working on different projects as singer, but also as author and backup vocalist. You can catch her on stage in  La Havana or in Montreal. Receive updates about shows and news by sending an email.